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This brave miranda house girl shared

  Meghna Singh, a student of  Miranda House revealed her horrific experience of sexual harassment during a concert in D...

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These delhi girls are breaking the i

  ‘This is not a woman’s job. Women are meant to be at home. Don’t go out late at night, girls are not meant to be...

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Now it is illegal for airports, hote

  Now Airports, Hotels & Malls Will Have To Sell Mineral Water Bottles At MRP: Consumer Affairs Minister   It’s a k...

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Sachin-jigar cancelled performance a

  From “Babaji ki Booty” to “Saibo”, this hugely talented and renowned duo was supposed to perform at Kirori Mal...

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Now delhi university students won’

  Delhi University (DU) has decided to scrap the "special chance" provision for students  who could not complete their ...

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Ramjas row-ravish kumar brilliantly

  After a seminar featuring JNU student leader Umar Khalid got cancelled due to clash between activists of ABVP, AISA an...

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Raids at kake da dhaba after a vide

  The food safety has raided the famous 'Kake Da Dhaba' in Delhi after a video went viral which shows a worker u...

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Two du girls asked permission for ni

  Seeking permission for a night out is pretty tough for girls in India, especially in hostel. Delhi University hostels ...

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Big news- nokia 3310 phone coming ba

  Nokia will re-launch the 3310. The phone, originally released in 2000. Nokia went on to sell 126 million units of the ...

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Disha patani to be damdami mai at hi

Delhi's Hindu College students are going to worship Disha Patani this Valentine's Day and they will be decorating ...

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