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Outfit ideas for college guys – up

Listen up boys! Now since you are a college guy many things are going to change for you. You’re an adult now so it is ti...

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10 types of people we find in colleg

College canteens are the most beautiful places on earth. It is the most sorted place in a college campus. Most of our good...

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10 things that happen in every girls

Do you want to know what happens inside a girl’s hostel? If you have been searching for an answer to this question then ...

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7 things 90s kids hated while growin

Nostalgia is a funny thing sometimes. Talking about 90s is exciting but whether you admit or not there were certain things...

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10 books you need to read in your 20

Only books have the power to make you go through a series of emotions. They make you laugh, cry, fall in love, inspire you...

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7 reasons why e-books can never repl

  No matter how convenient it sounds to have a Kindle to read everything you want to or to have an app in your phone to ...

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10 dialogues from bollywood movies y

  Many times we keep on criticizing Bollywood for its bad movies but there have been times when Bollywood gave us some a...

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10 things every indian parent tell t

  So each one of you are going to relate to the things I am going to write below. These are some things we have grown up...

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7 things that happens in every boys

Hostel life is the best life. No parents around to monitor our activities, being the king of our castle. Doing our own lau...

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7 reasons why we will always love ou

Nothing beats the college canteens. There is something about the noisy environment and cheap food that makes it the best p...

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