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The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) is one of the prestigious exam of India offering engineering and technology degrees with degrees in other programs as well. Having recognized with the status of deemed university, BITSAT admits students in large numbers every year into it's campuses of Hyderabad, Goa and Pilani. It isn't that easy to crack the entrance exam of such a biggie but going through all the topics of what the various subjects in syllabus covers can do wonders. BITSAT syllabus will based on NCERT books of 11th and 12th standard of Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, English Proficiency and logical reasoning.

BITSAT Syllabus for Physics

Units & Measurement, Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Impulse and Momentum, Work and Energy, Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Mechanics of Solids and Fluids, Oscillations, Optics, Waves, Current Electricity, Electrostatics, Modern Physics, Magnetic Effect of Current, Electromagnetic Induction, Heat and Thermodynamics and Electronic Devices.

BITSAT Syllabus for Chemistry

States of Matter, Atomic Structure, Thermodynamics, Physical and Chemical Equilibria, Electro chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, Hydrogen and s-block elementss-p-d and f-blocks elements, Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure, Principles of Organic Chemistry and Hydrocarbon, Stereo chemistry, Organic Compounds with Functional Groups Containing Oxygen and Nitrogen, Biological, Industrial and Environmental Chemistry and Theoretical Principles of Experimental Chemistry.

BITSAT Syllabus for Mathematics

Complex numbers, The fundamental theorem of algebra, Theory of Quadratic equations, Arithmetic, geometric and harmonic progressions, Logarithms and their properties, Exponential series, Permutations and combinations, Binomial theorem, Pascal’s triangle, Circles, Straight lines & Pair of straight lines, Sets, Relations & Functions, Matrices Determinants, Heights and Distances, Statistics.

BITSAT Syllabus for English Proficiency

Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Analogies, Syllogisms, Vocabulary, Synonyms, Antonyms, Conclusion, Composition, Comprehension, Word Formation, Error Correction, Theme detection, Fill in the Blanks, Unseen Passages, Idioms & Phrases, Passage Correction, Idioms and Phrases, Sentence Correction, Passage Completion, Sentence Completion, Subject-Verb Agreement, Antonyms and Synonyms, Sentence Rearrangement.

BITSAT Syllabus for Logical Reasoning

Binary Logic, Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, Analogy, Puzzle Test, Syllogism, Classification Test, Alphabet Test, Eligibility Test, Data Sufficiency, Theme Detection, Coding-Decoding, Blood Relations, Series Completion, Assertion & reason,  clocks & Calendars, Direction Sense Test, Logical Venn Diagrams, Situation Reaction test, statement – Arguments, Statement – Conclusions, Arithmetical Reasoning, Number and Letter Series, Mathematical Operations, Logical Sequence of Words, Alpha Numeric Sequence Puzzle, Inserting the Missing Character, Number, Ranking & Time Sequence, Linear and Matrix arrangement, Deriving Conclusions from Passages.