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Preparation Tips

Have a study schedule and keep tracking your schedule. Study time tables aid in the reduction of anxiety and thus helps you focus on the scheduled topic.

Make a list of all the topics you are weak in and allot more time to focus on them.

  Try to solve previous COMEDK exam questions papers. This will help you to judge the topics to be covered and develop an ability to judge the difficulty level of question.

Speed is an important factor to get good rank in KCET exam. Solving the previous papers will help you to improve your speed. Do not divert your attention when solving paper. Concentration is very important to mark answers right.

 You should stop working on new topics few days before the exam.

The preparation for COMEDK UGET 2015 should be well planned. The focus should be on the weightage and sections for better time contribution.

Practice on the difficult areas and complex formulae and clear your doubts from your teachers or your friends.

Make separate notes for chemical formulae; physics and mathematics numerical

Practice diagrams and label them well.

For general knowledge read newspaper and current news magazines like Panorama Year books and Pratiyogita Darpan for international news, scientific news, awards, conferences and launching of new programs like N-Deal etc.

Work hard but also rest completely so that your brain is not suffocated and it is well said “well rested mind leads to greater inventions”.

Eat well and relieve stress by doing other activities for short period of time in between the study hours as it will help in retaining the memory and it will be helpful at learning the subjects more comfortably by unclogging your mind which may suffer due to continuous studies.

Allot enough time to each subject and each topic such that no topic is left unstudied.