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Preparation Tips

For the students who have qualified the JEE mains exam, the next target would be JEE advanced. JEE advanced, like JEE mains is a national level exam, which is a gateway for students to get admissions in undergraduate engineering courses provided by top colleges of the country. As the number of students who appear for the exam is increasing year by year due to awareness,  the competition level is also getting higher year by year because a large number of students appear for this exam. The tips for this exam are similar to that of JEE mains:

1. The first tip given to any student preparing for the exam would be to start knowing the syllabus so that you won’t need to hurry in the last minute.

2. The second tip would be to know the date and venue of the exam correctly and check the venue before hand and adjust your transport accordingly so that you won’t feel stressed on the day of the exam for transport.

3. The third tip would be to create a study plan. One which would help you cover all the topics related to the exam. Afford more time to topics you find difficult.

4. Identify your strengths and weakness and focus more on the weakness.

5. Go through the previous papers to know how the pattern of the exam is going to be.

6. Don’t follow too many competitive books as it might confuse you overall.

7. Don’t panic if you don’t get an answer, there are still many more to go. Take a few minutes to calm down and proceed to the next question.

8. Don’t stress before the exam. Keep a calm and open mind and revise everything you studied until then.

9. As a question can have more than one answer, you need to check the solution in every possible way to get the correct answer.

10. Don’t waste your time on questions you don’t know.