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Preparation Tips

1. Evaluate yourself: The first step towards success in any field is self-evaluation. For competitive examinations, it means to identify and analyze your strengths and weaknesses by solving sample papers and taking mock tests.

2. Stick to a schedule: A daily study plan is essential for success in competitive examinations; because, if you’re not practicing, be assured that your competitor surely is.

3. Know thy enemy: Be completely aware of the examination pattern, syllabus and dates to avoid surprises on the D-Day

4. Solve old question papers: Solving test papers asked in the previous years helps you develops the right mindset for the examination..

5. Order of solving problems: During an examination, it is advisable to first attempt the subject you’re most confident in. This ensures that you quickly go through this part of the question paper quickly, and you have enough time to attempt the other two subjects.

6. Watch the clock (Pro tip): A handy tip, is to spend 45 minutes on each subject. You can solve easy questions in this duration, and mark the difficult but doable ones. This also leaves you with 45 extra minutes to spend on the questions that you had marked previously. 

7. Beyond Studies: It is important to study hard and spend few hours daily on preparation. But keep an hour or a half in your daily timetable to unwind yourself. Any kind of physical exercise is highly recommended. So all the best for your examinations, and may the force be with you