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The physics syllabus will consists of Alternating Current, Oscillations, Heat & Thermodynamics, Current & Electricity, Units of Measurement, Electromagnetic Induction, Motion in one, two & three dimensions, Kinetic Energy, thermal and chemical effects of currents.


The chemistry section will comprise of the chapters that include Transition of Metals, Bio-Molecules, Nuclear Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Polymers, Chemistry of Carbon Compounds, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics and chemistry in action.


It includes the chapters like Genetics & evolution, Reproduction in plants, Structural Organization in animals, Human Warfare, Diversity in the living world, Reproduction in animals, Ecology & environment and Structural Organization in plants.


The mathematics section will be asked from Probability, Matrices & Determinants, Logarithmic Series, Differential Equation, Three Dimensional Geometry, Co-relation & Regression, Circles, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate Geometry, Vectors and Calculus.