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Preparation Tips

UPSEE or Uttar Pradesh State entrance examination is one of the most prestigious exam after mnay national exams. Here are few tips on how to prepare for it.

  • Proper analysis of the exam: Before commencing your preparation, identify what exactly is asked in the exam, what it focuses on and what exactly is the pattern.

  • Focus on your basics: You need to have extremely strong basics. If your basics are clear, you won’t face any sort of problem in answering questions.

  • Plan your preparation: Considering the time left with you and the topics to be covered, chalk out the time available for each topic and then start studying accordingly.

  • Practice is the only key to success:  The more you practice, better it is. This also helps in improving the speed and one also gets to know the various ways of attempting a question.

  • Improve your problem solving skills: Each question has some technique involved in it, and hence with practice you tend to further your problem solving skills.

  • Prepare revision notes: While going through the chapters jot down the important points separately and prepare your revision notes or flash cards. These notes are really helpful especially in the final days when you don’t have sufficient time to go through the entire stuff again.

  • Consistent Revision: Human memory is temporary. The matter once absorbed tends to fade away gradually. Hence, it is extremely important to either keep revising the content or to practice questions based on the absorbed concepts. This helps in retaining the matter for longer duration.  

  • Time Management: Hard work with proper time management is all what you need to win this race. Your win will depend on how well you perform on the final day. Perform 2-3 mock tests daily. Go for morning walks, take frequent breaks, and catch up with friends, family and relatives. This is important to regain the lost energy and it also helps in improving productivity.