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Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Exam (UPSEE) is an annual state entrance exam for aspirants of engineering, architecture, pharmacy and management. Clearing this exam candidates may apply for admission in UP affiliated/government funded public colleges as well as private non funded colleges. It is one of the prestigious exams in India and see a lot of applications, almost in lakhs every year for seats in respective degree courses. Exam is conducted by two universities decided on the basis of rotation. Preparing for UPSEE can be tiring since it covers way lot more than you can expect, the syllabus of the same is mentioned below.

Syllabus for Physics - Measurement Motion in one dimension, Laws of motion, Motion in two dimensions, Work, power and energy, Linear momentum and collisions, Rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis,Gravitation, Oscillatory motion, Mechanics of solids and fluids, Heat and thermodynamics, Wave, Electrostatics, Current electricity, Magnetic effect of current, Magnetism in matter, Electromagnetic induction, Wave optics and Modern physics.

Syllabus for Chemistry - Atomic structure, Chemical bonding, Chemical equilibrium, Acid-base concepts, Electrochemistry, Catalysis, Colloids, Colligation properties of solution, Periodic table, Preparation and properties of different elements, Thermo chemistry, General organic chemistry, Isomerism, IUPAC Polymers, Carbohydrates and Petroleum.

Syllabus for Mathematics - Algebra, Probability, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate geometry, Calculus, Vectors, Dynamics and Statics.

Syllabus for Biology (Zoology) - Origin of life, Organic evolution, Mechanism of organic evolution, Human genetics and eugenics, Applied biology, Animal physiology, Detailed study of protozoa, amoeba.

Botany - Plant cell, Ecology, Ecosystem, Genetics, Fruits, Important phylums and Soil.

Syllabus for Agricultural Physics and Chemistry - Agricultural physics, Agricultural chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry

Syllabus for Agricultural Engineering and Statistics - Agricultural engineering and Agricultural Statistics.