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Preparation Tips

WBJEE or West Bengal Engineering Entrance Exam has always being the scariest word for the engineering aspirants. During class 11 and 12, students generally make themselves busy for the preparations of entrance exams.

1) Two months before exam, revision of textbook should be done to get updated with the commonly asked topics. ‘Text Books’ are considered as the main arm in order to fight against WBJEE. Questions are very similar to the text book questions.

2) The syllabus is so large that it becomes difficult for one to cover all prescribed topics. Thus try to emphasis more on accuracy rather than quantity. To get idea of topic covered under WBJEE for engineering, follow WBJEE Syllabus for Engineering and Eligibility Criteria.

3) There is no short cut to hard work. If you want success then the only thing is to work hard for it. Appearing students has to face very tough competition at every stage the only thing they can do to crack exam is hard work in a smart way.

4) Try to attempt those questions for which you are confident enough as each correct answer will contribute 33.33% of mark and (1/3) marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.

5) Last and the most important thing is health. Generally Students and parents become so involved in preparing well academically that they tend to forget about the physical and mental preparation required for such an exam.

6) If you don’t get the answer to a question, prefer skipping it rather than dwelling and wasting time on it.

7) Also, it is better if you start preparing for the exam as soon as possible so that you can cover all the topics for the exam.

8) Try to attempt all the questions which you know the answer for sure as there are negative marks too.